Evgenia Tsafou

PhD candidate - F.S.R. Research Fellow

Ceramic Studies


My current research focuses on my PhD project, which is entitled “Function and Use of Utilitarian Pottery in Minoan Crete: an interdisciplinary approach”.

Through the utilization of ceramic vessels in numerous social practices, pottery is embodied with social meanings. In this context, different modes of pottery consumption serve as indicators in the reconstruction of the social and cultural behaviors of the past societies. In the framework of Minoan Crete, the specific or multi-purpose functions of omnipresent Minoan pots, as well as their modes of use, remain partly enigmatic. In order to shed new light on social aspects and economic organization of Minoan society, this research project aims to examine and define the purposes and conditions of use of specific ceramic vessels associated with the practices of food preparation and cooking. In particular, due to my involvement in the ongoing archaeological project at the Minoan settlement of Sissi, but also at the neighboring site of Malia (Area Pi), I will integrate as a case study first hand data of ceramic vessels found in Middle and Late Bronze Age contexts at both sites (1750-1200 BC). In this research project I will develop an interdisciplinary methodology, which brings together traditional methodological tools in pottery analysis, such as typological analysis, and new scientific methods, especially organic residue analysis (starch analysis and Gas Chromatography).


Publications & CV

Collège Erasme

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