The Vrachasi Old School

Restoration Project

The Vrachasi Old School Restoration Project,

an integrated restoration project with scientific, cultural and social views

Help the UCL researchers in unveiling the mysteries of the very first European civilization while supporting the socio-economic development of a region hit by the economic crisis.

Since 2007, a team of archaeologists from the UCLouvain, together with a score of international experts, has been investigating an important Bronze Age coastal settlement, nearby the modern village of Sissi, on the island of Crete. This site was established by the brilliant Minoan civilisation, which blossomed on Crete between 3000 and 1200 BC. Considering the exponential accumulation of retrieved archaeological material, the urgent need to find an optimal study environment nearby the site soon arose. Nestled on the mountainous slopes of the traditional village of Vrachasi, a few kilometres away from the site, the old school provides an ideal refuge to host such function. And so was born the Vrachasi Old School Restoration Project.

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