Ilaria Caloi

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22-Apr-10 I depositi ceramici MM IB-MM IIB dalla necropoli di Kamilari nella Messarà (Creta)


The Palace of Phaistos: Minoan Crete and social complexity

This project focuses on the first phases of the palace of Phaistos, and building on recent works carried out at the site aims at attempting a first comprehensive account of the functions of the First Minoan palaces. The site at Phaistos, although long neglected in narratives on the emergence of the complex society in Crete at the beginning of the II millennium BC, is the only palatial site which yields crucial evidence of the first phases of the palatial emergence in Crete.

The results achieved from my long work at Phaistos, combined with the resulting data from the researches conducted by the Italian equipe and from the survey of the Phaistos region, have convinced me that the best way to reconstruct the nature of the palatial site and the role played in its region is to focus on the site-level complexity. This project wants to analyse the level of the community of the Phaistos town, that means the agglomerations of buildings which were built around the main palatial building and which have preserved contemporary destruction levels of MM IIB. The contextual analysis of all the MM IIB Phaistian buildings is the best way to understand the functions of the single areas of the Phaistos town, and thus to reconstruct the role played by each of them in the socio-political dynamics of the site. This work will be fundamental in answering whether the nature of the palace is heterarchical or hierarchical, as well as whether the palace of Phaistos took form in an independent way, following its own development from Prepalatial period, or following other Cretan palatial models.

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