Quentin Letesson

Postdoctoral Researcher F.R.S-FNRS

Architectural studies


Like all artefacts, buildings take part in and are the material expression of relational networks involving human and non-human actants. Within a permanent dialogue, space and society articulate and co-create each other. Mainly based on space syntax and proxemics, my postdoctoral research aims to deal with the evolution of Cretan Bronze Age architecture and the way Minoans interacted with their built environment. Building on the concept of the neopalatial architectural genotype (see ‘Publications’ in curriculum vitae below), this project underlines the development of particular socio-architectural dynamics. Architectural evidence from the Minoan towns of Palaikastro and Sissi receive special attention but, ultimately, as it was the case for the neopalatial in the PhD, all the sufficiently well preserved architectural remains from the pre-, proto- and postpalatial periods will be taken into account to address questions of social practices and spatial configuration within a diachronic and interregional framework.


Université Catholique de Louvain Collège Erasme

Place B. Pascal 1

bte L3.03.01

1348 – Louvain-la-Neuve

+32 (0)10 47 49 60

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