Simon Jusseret

Postdoctoral Researcher F.R.S-FNRS

Research interests

Geoarchaeology, Eastern Mediterranean archaeology, Minoan archaeology, Bronze Age Cypriot archaeology, archaeoseismology, coastal and alluvial geology, agent-based modelling, phytolith studies, archaeology of the contemporary past

Current research projects

1) Sissi Archaeological Project: excavation and publication of Zones 67 at Sissi (Crete, Greece) (project director Prof. Jan Driessen)

2) C-PEPL: Cyprus-Pyla Excavation project Louvain: field director for the UCL team at Pyla-Kokkinokremos (Cyprus) (project directors Prof. Joachim Bretschneider, Prof. Jan Driessen, Dr Athanasia Kanta)

3) Briquetage de la Seille (Moselle, France): mapping of alluvial and archaeological deposits in the vicinity of Iron Age salt production workshops, palaeogeographical reconstructions (project director Dr. Laurent Olivier)

4) Minoan archaeoseismology: identification of potential earthquake archaeological effects on Minoan archaeological remains, with particular focus on the Late Minoan IIIB period (1300-1200 BC)

5) Agent-based modelling approaches to landscape evolution and land use in prehistoric Crete: evaluation of the impact of prehistoric agricultural activities on landscape evolution in the Malia-Lasithi region through agent-based simulations (with Prof. John Wainwright, Dr Apostolos Sarris, Drs Angelos Chliaoutakis)

6) Maison du Mage project : archaeological investigation of an abandoned house in the village of Marsal (Moselle, France) (with Dr Quentin Letesson)


Université catholique de Louvain

Aegean Interdisciplinary Studies (AegIS-CEMA-INCAL)

Place B. Pascal 1, bte L3.03.01

1348 Louvain-la-Neuve


+32 (0)10 47 49 60

Publications & CV

Simon Jusseret