AEGIS is an archaeological research group based at the UCLouvain. It forms part of the Center for the Study of Ancient Worlds (CEMA), itself part of INCAL – the Institute of Civilizations, Arts and Letters.

Originally founded in 1999 as TOP-Topography of Power on Minoan Crete, our research interests have gradually expanded to include Aegean archaeology in general and Cretan protohistory in particular. Our studies aim especially to understand Minoan political and social structures by using a series of interdisciplinary approaches.


Started on September 1, 2020, TALOS Project is a major collaborative initative between archaeologists (the Aegis group), anthropologists (lead by Fréderix Laugrand and Olivier Servais) and volcanologists (lead by Pierre Delmelle). Aim is to ground the Santorini impact on a more robust archaeological, environmental and anthropological frame, with comparative research in Indonesia, on Tambora (1815) and Krakatoa (1883) eruptions.

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Current Excavation Projects

Latest publications (2021-2022)

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